4 Days :

  • Objectives:
  • By the end of the course delegates will be able to: –
    • Be aware of Main Online Marketing Channels
      Understand how using e-marketing can achieve your business goals.
      Optimize Business website in a professional way
      Creating Online Ads
      Create an Online Marketing plan
      Manage & Monitor any Online Activity
      Measuring KPIs of every online marketing channel


  • Outlines :-

    Day 1 :
    Introduction to Online Marketing
    Online Marketing Statistics
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Marketing
    Relationship between Offline & Online Marketing
    Most Popular Online Marketing Channels
    Search Engine Optimization
    How Google Ranking its websites?

    Day 2:
    Search Engine Marketing
    Landing Page Specifications
    Video Optimization
    Types of SEO
    SEO Tracking & Monitoring
    KPIs of SEO

    Day 3 :
    Introduction to Social Networks
    Social Networks Types
    Social Networks Statistics
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Social Networks
    How to use your Facebook effectively?
    Facebook Advertising
    E-Mail shots Advertising

    Day 4:
    How to use your LinkedIn effectively?
    LinkedIn Advertising
    How to use your Twitter effectively?
    Twitter Advertising
    How to use YouTube effectively?
    YouTube Advertising
    Google + and its Trend

    Day 5:
    E-commerce with e-Marketing
    Online Directories Submission
    Online Press Releases Marketing
    Online Forums Marketing
    How to build your e-Strategy
    Monitoring & Tracking Online Marketing Activities

    Who Should Attend:
    • Junior Marketer
    • Senior Marketer
    • Junior Online Marketer
    • Senior Online Marketer
    • Business Development Manager
    • Web Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Business Owner
    • Sales Manager
    • Sales Executives
    • Marketing Managers
    • Students

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