Our Story

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Integrated For Training has been founded in 2001, as a subsidiary of AIMS, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei Group of Companies 

 a strong and respected firm that was founded in 1933 and is active in many different industries. We have worked hard to establish our reputation through hundreds of popular and effective training classes taught by international, multi-lingual instructors – each a specialist in his field.

Our Enviable Track Record

We began the Integrated for Training Program in 2001 with very high-value courses that prepared trainees for certification by accredited international bodies. This limited the number of participants. To meet high employer demand, we have opened up training programs in recent years that are appropriate for employees of all skill levels and for most company training budgets. These courses have become very popular. We’re proud to say that as of 2010:

  • There are more than 1000 short courses to choose from
  • They are taught by a team of more than 600 highly qualified instructors
  • We have graduated more than 50,000 trainees
  • he Trainees are employed at more than 100 companies in GCC countries and North Africa
  • Building on our early tradition, we still offer more courses leading to certifications than any other private sector training company.Our graduates have become highly promotable, and are happily contributing to their employers’ success while building their own careers.

Statistic for

Trainee graduate from integrated for training
short courses to choose from
years of excellence training
Trainees are employed companies in GCC countries & North Africa

We are so proud that AIMS, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei Group of companies – has continuously taken firm and fundamental strides towards supporting the Kingdom’s efforts aimed at qualifying and developing a generation of competent Saudi youths.

Mr. Saleh Al-Subeaei

We Keep it Fresh

To keep our programs up-to-date, we work with our clients on a continuing basis to stay abreast of emerging technologies and how those technologies determine what their staff needs to know. This gives you the opportunity for input into our standard programs, but we’ll also work with you to custom-design courses that meet your specific needs. Through hard work and dedication to quality, we have developed into the premier training resource for KSA, GCC and North African companies. To maintain quality instruction, we recruit the finest instructors – each of them a certified specialist in his field – and we continue to develop a first-rate curriculum. Our instructors teach short courses for managers, supervisors and employees in all departments. Course levels run from Overview to Qualification to preparation for certification by outside entities. All course material was developed on a par with worldwide standards. Certified graduates of our short courses would qualify to be employed in their specialty anywhere in the world. But that’s not the point. All Integrated for Training Programs were developed specifically to: Train the native population Keep their earnings in the local economy Reduce the need for work visas to bring in foreign personnel